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Suhana Spice Blends

These easy to use marinades, are simply Delicious. You truly get the restaurant feel after cooking with these easy to use marinades. The butter chicken is one of my favourites, add a bit more chilli & garlic, leave to marinate for a few hours, cook in butter & cream, FAB!

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Subja (Basil) Seeds

Tukmaria Seeds are also known as Basil or Subja seeds is an Edible Vegetable Seed. They are holy seeds in many Asian countries, due to their exceptional qualities.

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Mustard Oil

This cold pressed oil is made from black, brown or white mustard seeds. It has a very distinctive pungent taste and often used for cooking. Although it has many other uses as well. Read more here :

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Garam Masala

Garam masala translated from it's Hindi meaning is also known as hot spices.It is a blend of ground spices commonly used in North Indian cuisines. Garum or garam masala can be used alone or with other curry powders. It is a spice more for flavour rather than intensity.

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Pantry Masala Mix

The Pantry Mix Masala is a combination of 4 different masalas. We just love the heat combined with flavour. It is so versatile and can be used for any curry. 2-3tsps is good enough for a 400g dish, add more for spicyness, while retaining the flavour. The extra bay leaves gives texture & fresh aromas to this masala.

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Spice it Up

Spice it Up pack is specifically selected to add flavour with a Medium heat rating

2 Recipes included!


Delivery policy (Shipped in 3 -5 business days)


100g each of:

Smoked paprika

Cayenne pepper

Chip sprinkle peri-peri

Mexican spice

Steak & chops


250g Pantry Curry Mix Medium

1kg Gram Dhall

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