Thinking of make a curry can sometimes be daunting, but follow these easy steps and you'll have a delicious home cooked curry in no time.

BASIC CURRY RECIPE by Rhonal Rampersad


300g protein or veg - cut in prefered size, wash and drain

1 Medium Tomatoe – cubed

1 Medium Onion - sliced

2 tsp Ginger & Garlic paste


1-2 TB Pantry Mix Masala

1 tsp Turmeric

1 tsp Jeera Powder

1 tsp Soomph Powder


3-4 Tb Oil/Butter Ghee

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 Elachie (Cardamom)

1 Star Anise

1 Bay Leaf


2-3TBs Pantry Curry Mix (this includes all the ground spices as well as some whole spices)


1. In a medium sized pot, heat oil, add onions & whole spices. Fry for 2mins or until onions are golden in colour.

2. Add tomatoes,then ground spices. Mix until all combined. Add about ¼ cup water if it's too dry.

3. Next add the ginger and garlic paste, add <protein or veg> top with ½ cup water, allow to cook for 30-45mins or until meat is tender. Check every 10-15mins.

4. If you would like to add a starch, do this 20-25mins after adding the protein.

5. Serve with basmati rice, roti or naan breads.

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